About the Salisbury Public Library


  • Director: Terry Kyrios
  • Assistant Librarian: Joan Bomba
  • Children's Librarian: Joan Cox
  • Library Assistant: Kristen Packer

Board of Trustees:

  • Maureen Dupray
  • Jeannette Lazarus
  • Diane Masiello
  • Karen MacInnis
  • Joseph Stucker
  • Nick Sullivan

Library History:

March 29, 1885
At the annual town meeting in March 1885, a board of trustees was appointed to establish a town library. Frank Chapin, the post master, agreed to furnish a shelf at the post office and serve as the first librarian.

In the Annual Report, the Board of Trustees reported that they grew from three to six members “by the election of three ladies”. Hannah B. Coffin was appointed the first female librarian.

In June 1907, the library was moved to Cushing Hall (presently Town Hall). In 1920, the library moved to the lower floor of the Cushing School and was called the Major Robert Pike Memorial Library. Later, in 1951, the library moved again to the former superintendent’s office on Park Street.

In 1956, the new library was built on the Salisbury green. The original building is now the front reading room and the children’s room. By 1972, the town had outgrown the building and a large addition was built, adding the front desk area and the stacks.

The trustees felt that the library had outgrown its space and began to plan a new addition. While blueprints were drawn up, the plan was never executed.

The Salisbury Public Library became a full member of MVLC-the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium.

In October 2005 the Trustees of the Salisbury Public Library appointed a Long Range Plan committee with the task of studying the existing conditions of the library and determining future needs.

On October 14, 2008 the Trustees approved a building plan for a proposed new library building.